Connie Champeon

Training Developer for unfoldingWord

Union, Maine

About Me

Connie Champeon served for 25 years as Literacy and Linguistics Coordinator for Bibles International. In January she became the training developer for unfoldingWord. In her new role,she focuses on developing training programs that enable national translators to train Bible translators and check their translations themselves. She completed her Ph.D. in reading education and sociolinguistics in 1998. As an MK she served in Brazil and the Philippines, and as an adult, she has worked with over 30 language groups throughout S.E. Asia, Eurasia, South America , and Africa.She and her husband, Birch, have twin sixteen-year-olds. She enjoys the balancing act of many women - wife, mother, teacher, ministry – as well as managing short-term teams and equipping others for service. She has a great passion for helping women live differently because of the truth of the Gospel.

Connie Champeon


Day 1
4:00 pm
How Shall They Hear?

Getting the global church involved in Bible translation.

Day 2
10:30 am
Re-entry & Culture Shock: How To Be Sojourners

It isn't easy to go to a new culture, but it isn't easy to come back either.


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