A Transcultural Framework for Biblical Women's Ministry

A biblical view on a woman's role on the mission field.

About This Workshop

I recently heard a report from missionaries on furlough. They shared the joys and struggles of evangelizing people who have no cultural background of Christianity or knowledge of church life. Their experiences are not unique to one country or culture. Increasingly even churches in the U.S. must reach individuals who do not know what the Bible says. This lack of Biblical grounding is sadly not limited to the unchurched. Too many people attend church on a regular basis but do not understand what their commitments to body life should be. It is essential for churches everywhere to teach and model both New Testament doctrine and practice.

This study specifically addresses the actions and attitudes Christian women must display as described by Paul in Ephesians 5. These expectations are universal meaning they apply to Christian women of every time, place, and culture. These patterns are essential to every healthy church. Whether you join a large congregation in the U.S. or gather around a living room in another country, nothing less is expected and nothing more is required.

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