The Role of Single Women on the Mission Field

What missions looks like for a single lady.

Charity Shambaugh
Missionary and Educator in Eastern Europe
About This Workshop

The place and purpose of single women is a debated topic in both secular and Christian circles. In my almost 7.5 years of mission work as a single woman I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve been asked why I’m not married yet or how I can live in a foreign country on my own, etc. My answer to these inquires is that I could not have the ministry I have now if I had a family. As Paul tells the Corinthian church, the aim of an unmarried woman is to be devoted to God in both body and spirit. Historically, single women on the mission field have faced many challenges from their sending country, sometimes more so than from the country they lived and ministered in. My goal in this hour is to take a look at what opportunities a single woman has in missions,some pitfalls she should be aware of and what the role of a local church can be in supporting her in her ministry.

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