Missionaries & Mission Fields: The Story of Africa

The progress of missions in Africa.

Brooks Buser
President of Radius International
About This Workshop

As an African who has had the privilege of being served by many missionaries and missionary efforts I have observed good, bad and great approaches to the work.    

In this workshop we will focus on the progress of a mission field from unreached to nationalized. We will talk about what missions strategies have worked well in Africa and which ones have not, look at the transition from missionary led institutions to national led institutions, and present a vision for what is needed in the next 10 years for African churches to grow.

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Day 3
10:30 am
Getting from Here to There: How to Leverage Your Partnership with the Local Church

Be involved in your local church now if you want to go to the mission field.

Day 2
3:30 pm
Integrating Work and Ministry

Necessary, challenging, rewarding, tentmaking requires a fine balance of work and ministry.

Day 2
3:30 pm
Training Nationals is Vital to Church Planting

Training national pastors is a key part of church planting.

Day 1
4:00 pm
Dealing with Change: Fight or Flight?

Helping missionaries respond to ever changing circumstances.

Day 2
1:00 pm
A Transcultural Framework for Biblical Women's Ministry

A biblical view on a woman's role on the mission field.

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